Gobi Mountain Lake is a union of eleven people who had their own experiences of traveling, where each brought their working skills, the passion for traveling and their visions about the demanding essences of traveling in the country. Each of them shared their ideas and all the unsolved charges of the past, for the new adventures with establishing a new travel company. 



Cofounder and Initiator Mr. Boya L. worked for the Travel Industry for over 15 years since the beginning of the country being opened after the fall of the Soviet period in the '90s. Having the chance to live and study hospitality in Germany for many years, and with an open mind to new practices and other cultures, he shortly realized some of the shortcomings and wrong practices that have been keeping Mongolia from becoming a professional and an example of great travel destinations. In 2013, he founded a social activity club "Smile Mongolia" where the members have united with a wish and vision by nature traveling along with trekking, hiking, yoga, guided Tantric meditation session and community projects such as giving support to a single-mother household with many children, supplying school kids of remote areas by educational and world classic literature books, and also introducing native Mongolian guardian dogs within travel routes of Gobi Mountain Lake. 

Countless mistakes and misconceptions needed to change in order to bring Tourism in Mongolia to a higher standard, however keeping in mind the needs of preserving Nature, the wildlife, and the heritage of the Mongolian culture intact. The difficulty resulted mainly by changing the minds of those who are leading the industry, especially when a well-established system of about a quarter of a century's old appeared very rigid. The support of a great change was just not there yet. After many unsuccessful attempts, Mr. Boya searched a new way to create a solution that would be both viable and sustainable for the future of Tourism in Mongolia. The solution was to create a new Company that will open up to new freedom of tackling this delicate subject. It was the only opportunity to change and develop new practices and visions for Tourism. Through connections and new encounters, he decided to launch this project with the help of great actors of the Industry including Davka, Oggie, Tsomo, Kula, Bulgaa, Azaa, Eddie, Bilgee and others, and launch this unique agency and concept focused on new ways to travel and provide the best possible services.

The advantage of a New Company is that it brings a new perspective and willpower, a different approach to development and growth


Bringing joy to our guests and contributing to the wealth of the country and its people is the real goal. Changing the way of working with the local actors makes us even more responsible, and conscious about the life of the nomads and the way to link them to the modern world. In order to bring a better future, we developed the concept of sustainable tourism. We notably opened the Western regions and creating our own key places to support the expeditions. We are happy to provide a new apartment hotel in Kharkhorin city, supporting nomad families along with our travel side by building a nomadic guest ger stay to bring our travelers closer to their lives and bringing back the native Mongolian guardian dog "Bankhar" to its territory. To develop further the Western travels, we also launched the Sand Mountain Eco Lodge, located at the heart of the Great Mongol Sand Dunes of Western Mongolia. Under this new system, we contributed to building a better experience of traveling through the country, with better safety practices and control over the quality, to fully enjoy Mongolia the way it should always have been.

We are proudly introducing a passionate team of diligently skilled individuals tuned in loving their home country and clients oriented people who share our core value, and take high pride to respect nature and our own people 

What We


We believe in the passion of travel and how it inspires people, connecting with locals, traveling the unexplored nature in remote locations, we have established a new reputation for creative and premium travel experiences. Our clients include individuals, families, and private groups. We as a new tour operator with a new travel standard, willpower, and perspective specializing in the most successful traveling to western Mongolia.





Co-founder, Tour Developer & Horse Riding Tour Leader


Co-Founder, Marketing, Sales & Photographer


Co-Founder, Meditation Teacher  Operations Manager 


Co-Founder, Tour Leader, Organiser & Hiker


Co-Founder, Tour Leader & Yoga Instructor


Co-Founder, Tour Leader & Marketing Developer


Co-Founder, Tour Leader & Operations Manager


Driver & Logistics Manager


Yoga & Belly Dance Coach


Expeditions Chef & Hiker


Vegetarian & Korean Food Chef 



Initiator and Founder




  • Solutioning and not contributing to the many issues that mass tourism brings to Mongolia by focusing exclusively on leading the best experience of Mongolia to the unexplored territories of the West. This is a voluntary call, a choice we make to bring the very best you can get in Mongolia: avoiding the other crowded “classic” touristic spots that very often leave visitors frustrated instead of bringing them up and inspire.
  • We do not forget where we come from: let’s be kind to the local community by supporting the locals ensuring fair payments to everyone we work with including local horse and camel guides, nomadic families, or local initiative we want to promote.
  • A “leave no trace” engagement: reducing our impact on the environment is our priority. That is why we provide as much as possible attention to details and concepts such as Biowaste recycle management during the tours, at our lodge, bringing bio-toilet, and working for energy-efficient travel practices. We also use lithium-ion batteries and solar panels for our outdoor campings.
  • Ending waste and wrong practices in the countryside: we do not encourage the use of plastics, disposable bottles, or accessories that would end up polluting the environment. We partnered with Katadyn for the use of filter water bottles and systems during our tours to reduce this over-consumption of plastics that are time and time again ending up in Nature.
  • Let us proudly introduce the very first eco-Lodge of the Western Great Mongol Sand Dune, managed by our sister company The Sand Mountain Expeditions. Touring exclusively in the region of the Ulaagchini Khar Nuur, the Black lake touching the Great Sand Dunes of the West Mongol, the Lodge will be the ideal hub for an amazing adventure between treks, camel expeditions, luxury tent camping outdoors, and enjoying the peaceful view over the Black lake, from the comfort of your very own fully furnished Gers, Spa or gastronomic restaurant.
  • Multi-activity itineraries designed with care including trailside yoga, guided meditation, hiking, wildlife spotting, horse and camel riding, sand dune expeditions, and gourmet picnics. All at the perfect locations.
  • Fully equipped outdoor 4WD kitchen jeep with cooler to prepare your delicacies as close to Nature as it can get. Comfortable 4WD vans will be at your disposal throughout the journey.
  • A dedicated team of Full-time collaborators, employed tour leaders, operation managers, meditation and yoga coaches, drivers, and cooks to get you the service you deserve.
  • Traveling with technology to support your own vision: we only select High-quality outdoor equipment for our treks, camping, and food. We believe the tools should be an extension of yourself and not a wall between you and beautiful awaiting experience.




Finding a solution to the issue of herding large groups of animals, and the reintroduction of the native Bankhar guardian dog to his natural habitat. Our contribution to helping nomads bringing a more efficient approach to their lifestyle, together with supporting the culture and tradition dating from centuries.


Inspiring projects to give the chance to more children from the remote countryside to get access to knowledge and creativity through the act of reading. We engage ourselves in sending various and useful literature and books to the local schools in need.


How we can change the future and support mono-parental families for the good? The project aims to help financially but also morally single mothers that are struggling with the education of several children, on their own.