Oriental & Asian cuisine chef & Explorer

Born in Dundgobi province I grew up in Ulaanbaatar. I always had a passion for cooking and preparing delicious treats for my family and friends. That is why after I graduated from high school, I attended a culinary training in Ulaanbaatar in 2000.
Soon after, I was given the chance to work in South Korea at a factory, and I stayed there for more than 12 years. From that activity, and thanks to my own boss, I learned how to cook rich Korean food. I have been inspired really much by the Korean diet, a very healthy base rich in vitamins and delicious ingredients. It is unique in this world. I then started to cook mostly Korean food by myself. I noticed that the Koreans have perfected the art of preserving food, with so many side dishes selected, fermented or salted and many are spicy because of the hot weather condition where they live. I really enjoy eating the side dishes.

When I returned back to Mongolia in 2012, I started to travel within Mongolia with many tourists who preferred to eat plant-based foods. That has been my recent experience for the past 8 years.

Through that, I gained a wide range of experiences to adapt and cook outdoor picnic around the Korean meals. I tried to adapt also the Korean dishes to the Mongolian taste, especially because Mongolian people prefer mild spicy compared to the hot Korean meals. I specialized in preparing the delicious kimchijjige, fried Kmichijige, Bulgogi with fried beef, Takturitan rice with vegetables, fried udon noodles, kimbab, Jiuyg buggim, curry with vegetables, tenjanshige soy bean soup and vegetarian side dishes. Last winter I got hired to cook for a high school in Ulaanbaatar.

Now I am happily working for Gobi Mountain Lake LLC, as the main outdoor chef for their amazing journeys. I hope to meet you soon at the great sand dune trips around Mongolia!