How many participants can go for your adventures?
We limit our adventures to 6 participants to make it a great overall experience. We do not promote mass tourism, but instead a more tailor-fit journey.

How can I book this amazing journey?
It is very simple: you can start by clicking the “inquire now” button and follow the steps to know your project a little more, or directly by sending us an email to [email protected] We will be happy to respond within 24 to 48 hours.

I need to cancel my journey, how should I proceed?
It is possible to cancel anytime, however some cancellation fees might apply depending on the time of the cancellation (upon confirming the reception of your message). For that a simple email, phone contact will do. No justifications asked.
About the cancellation fees, they work as such:........
For more details, please read our full information over the terms and conditions

I want to come to Mongolia. When is it an ideal time to travel?
The very best period to travel within the country shall be from the beginning of June and up to mid-September each year. This corresponds to the best weather conditions, but it is still possible to come at a different time of the year. To know more about the climate/geography of Mongolia: Climate & Geography.

What are the visa and other formalities to come to Mongolia?
It shall depend on your citizenship (some countries have agreements with the Mongolian State to benefit from having a visa-free policy). Here is the official list of visa-free countries/nationalities for going to Mongolia.
If you need a visa for Mongolia, we will help you to get it on your own from the nearest Embassy/consulate of Mongolia in your resident country, by providing you with the full itinerary, your accommodation booking confirmation (in Ulaanbaatar), an invitation letter and the corresponding information needed about our company for you to fill your application with success. Contact address of Embassy/consulate of Mongolia

What if I have health problems or allergies? Is that will be safe for traveling?
Mongolia is remote territory, and it is important to understand you need to be prepared, especially if you already have a health condition or various allergies, or have special needs. In this scenario, we do recommend to fill in our booking confirmation document at the time of your registration, which includes a dedicated space for those details. Please be thorough in your description, so that we can prepare your stay in the best possible way!

I am vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/etc.. Will I get food that I want while I am traveling?
Yes, we can. As you part of the booking process, we would like to know you a little bit more and that includes your dietary preferences. Most of our guests are vegetarian and so there will be no problem to provide such meals. We provide a well-balanced menu that we invite you to discover here.

I am not an experienced hiker/rider. Will your tours suit my needs?
Absolutely, most of the journeys are done at a moderate level. You do not need to be an expert rider/hiker to enjoy our adventures. Everyone shall go at his/her own pace so that all the group can enjoy his/her own piece of Mongolia!

What are the types of accommodations provided?
During your stay in Ulaanbaatar city, you shall be provided 4 to 5* hotel rooms. The configuration of each room is either a twin or a double bedroom (standard, 2 people). It can also be customized upon request.
While at the countryside, we will host our guests in various types of accommodations, including local family guesthouse (well furnished, decorated and with modern comfort amenities), a local experience visiting nomads in remote territories, tent camping outdoors using the latest technologies to make your stay as comfy as possible, a wooden cabin built in the most beautiful remote areas of Mongolia, Ger camps with a dedicated restaurant, toilets and showers facilities, and a newly opened and Sand Mountain Eco-Lodge with ensuite bio-toilets and providing extra services such as a spa, yoga, meditation, and massage in an incredible location.

Will electricity be available every day?
The electricity will be available at the get camps and eco-lodge only. However, for all compatible devices such as phones, tablets, or small computers supporting quick charging via a USB port (5V), the vehicle can be a solution on the go. During the hikes, if electricity will not be available if needed we would recommend you bring your own small battery pack (power banks).
Mongolian electricity power plugs are of type C & E, most compatible with European, Chinese, and French standards, the voltage is 220V. We would recommend you bring a travel adapter if your chargers are not compatible.

Can I use my hairdryer during the trip?
Yes, but on key locations such as the hotels, and ger camps.

Can I have the internet in the countryside? 
Yes, but depending on the network and the local carriers such as Mobicom, G-mobile, Unitel, and Skytel. You can be connected from time to time. Most likely the signal will be strong around the villages and non-existent in remote locations and mountains. We do recommend purchasing a local sim-card at the beginning of your trip with a plan including phone calls, SMS, and data. 

Will you arrange a laundry service for me during the tour?
In Ulaanbaatar, the hotels we selected will provide laundry service (additional costs might apply). During the time in the countryside, it is difficult to ensure this type of service.

We are a family with children. Can we book a private journey?
Yes, we can create a private adventure for your own family, compatible with children in terms of activities and pacing. Please send us an email with your project, so we can work together with you as soon as possible. 

How can I pay for the tour?
You simply can follow the booking process that will send you through the email. It is a very simple and straightforward process: together with your invoice, you shall receive a direct payment link from a secured payment platform online. Upon receiving your payments, we will send you back a confirmation email stating you are officially booked for the tour.

What to expect in terms of hygiene in the countryside?
We do provide the best possible and clean equipment, tent camping, water filters, and food cutlery or accessories in the countryside. However, it is important to be prepared on your own, since Mongolia doesn’t enjoy the same hygiene or modern facilities and environment as the Western countries do.
We will always assure clean food and toiletry facilities wherever possible, and it would be a very good idea for you to pack some additional personal hygiene tools such as cleaning towel, wet tissues and other many small accessories inherent to traveling abroad (toothpaste, toothbrush, hair comb, shaving tools, personal deodorant, etc..). that way everything is covered. But do not worry, since most of those items can also be found in the capital city just before your journey to the countryside if needed. 

Will there be some seated toilets on location?
Although at the deep countryside in remote territories seated toilets are not available for technical reasons, we will ensure this proper possibility on some key locations during your journey. Such as Ger camps, the eco-lodge (Bio-Toilets), and of course whenever we stop at local villages (not the cleanest places, as being public facilities), any restaurant that can provide it, and during the days you are at the capital city. During the tent camping expeditions, and especially with the Sand Mountain Expeditions journeys, bio-toilets will be available. 

Will be bottled water provided by your agency? 
Yes. You will be provided with clean bottled water for the entire journey. However being a responsible and eco-friendly company, we do not encourage people using multiple plastics at the countryside, we shall, therefore, bring along large water jugs containing approximately 19L of water each, in order to provide enough hydration for the trips. We will then distribute that water to each participant equally, and we do encourage our travelers to bring their own water bottles if possible stainless steel containers for a more healthy approach, easy to handle, and washable. A bottle of approximately 32oz or 1,5L is plenty enough per person for the hikes for example, and we will refill as soon as it is necessary for our participants.
When bringing along the large bottles of water will not be possible, and rivers being accessible, we will also use the water filters made by Katadyn, a very reliable and fast system, with the latest technologies for the very convenient and fast delivery of your needs. You can have an overview of this specific equipment here

Will you welcome me at the airport? Shall we meet with your company on our arrival? What if I arrive early in the morning?
Yes, you will be welcomed by our driver and your tour leader as soon as you land in Mongolia (or arrival by the train if you wish so). You shall then be transferred to your hotel for a first rest before the beginning of the disco rise/adventure. Please refer to your itinerary for more details on your planned trip.
In case of early arrival, we should know this detail in advance (at the booking reservation step), so that we can effectively book your room at the hotel and make sure it shall be ready for the time of your arrival. This early check-in is included in the price.
However, we do not include in our price the late check-out, that independent of the tour’s program (personal choice of yours).

What is the best way to contact the agency?
We are available through emails and phone calls in Mongolia from 10 am to 18 pm, local time (GMT+8).

What amount of money do you recommend to bring to Mongolia?
We do recommend bringing along cash, to avoid unnecessary bank fees if withdrawn from the local Mongolian bank or the ATMs while at the capital city. As a general rule, about 200 USD equivalent per person is a good start. It will allow you to comfortably add extras to your adventures such as additional beverages, or souvenirs that are not included in our price. For those who may have an extra day in Ulaanbaatar before or after the tour, meals and drinks are quite cheap compared to Europe or the USA’s standard, and depending on the restaurants a person’s meal can be costing about 10-20 USD to the most (including a drink). 

What types of currencies are exchangeable in Mongolia?
Most of the major currencies are accepted at the banks and currency exchange agencies. It is possible to change money at the airport as soon as you arrive (with potentially more fees), to the main Golomt Bank located on Seoul Street (opened until late evening each day), or at the State Department Store in the city center. To make it easier, we do recommend to bring either one of those currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, AUD, SGD, JPY, RMB, or CHF. 

How much should I tip my guide/driver?
Tipping is not mandatory, however, we often receive the question about the amount. Most of our participants happily provided a gratuity of about $5 to $12 per day for our team. Usually, then the tour leader shares the amount between the team members, but it is possible also to give individually to each person if you wish.

Can I bring my pet (animal) to the adventure?
Although we do love animals and would be more than happy to welcome you with your pet to Mongolia, we do think this is not a very practical approach to your journey. It is true especially if you are sharing an adventure with a group when other people might be accommodated by the presence of an animal.

What is the weight limit for traveling to Mongolia?
There are limitations especially if a domestic flight is planned during your journey. The local weight limit for both of the National air carrier companies is set at 15kg (2.2pounds or 35.2oz) per person. That includes both the checked luggage and the carry-on you might bring along to the airplane.  If you only travel by road or by train, this weight limit does not apply.

What should I pack on an adventure to Mongolia?
We made your choice easy, by creating a comprehensive guide on what to pack/bring to Mongolia. Please check this valuable information here

Can I bring my own sleeping bag/yoga mat?
You can if you wish so. We do provide all the necessary equipment for your comfort and safe practice of the Yoga and the sleeping bags while on location. We do understand that those items can be really personal, and accept if you wish to bring your own.

Should I have travel insurance for Mongolia?
Yes, we highly recommend you to have an international travel insurance policy. Most of the majors' banks worldwide provide insurance with your credit/debit card, or it is always possible to contract policy with an established and trusted insurance company to get you covered if anything would happen. Mongolia is still a land of adventures, with difficult terrain, and it is best to be at ease while traveling. Our company does not provide a policy, so we advise our travelers to be covered before entering the country. This also is mandatory in the case of obtaining a visa to Mongolia.