Our Team


Co-Founder, Marketing Developer, Tour leader & an Athlete

I grew up with a family of 3 sisters, living together with our mother. I guess I am more independent and mature from an early age since our parents divorced when I was 2. I was less afraid to try, and discover new things, that mindset forged my experience for life. Always active, my mother always supported me to become who I am today, I was all around the competitions, taking the lead and genuinely a very curious person, curious to learn new skills, meet with new people, and keeping an open mind to the future. That is why I tried a lot of different things, especially during my teenage time. Also, it is how I started my journey to become a vegetarian in 2013. Following a trendy movement in Mongolia, also being concerned about global warming, the cause of the animals and their suffering, I realized the importance of the meat industry into global pollution. After some further researches, I also concluded that meat was not good for the body and spirit. A few years later, I decided to be vegan. It only lasted a few years since a fully vegan diet in Mongolia is really difficult (the country is heavily based on meat and dairy consumption, and most greens are imported from other countries). 


I do actually enjoy a lot of dairy products, especially locally made cheese. But I knew the main best diet I should choose would be vegetarian. Being naturally curious, I always wanted to discover the world, and what's best then learning another language? I used to learn the Russian language at school but I was really drawn to English. I remember how I appreciated my teacher back in the 3rd grade and how the language was so different and exciting. Then I decided to learn English for the remaining 6 years at the Russian school in Ulaanbaatar. I believe practicing this new language was really eye-opening for me, triggering new experiences, and making me ready to discover the world.

In 2016, a major event took place in Mongolia: the summit of the ASEM, inviting most of the powerful countries and State Presidents to Ulaanbaatar. I was so excited to have a chance to practice English at that time, and I enrolled in a scholarship program to become an English speaking Guide for the delegations or helping the hosts of the summit here in Mongolia. And I was selected among the 40 students. That was at this moment that I saw a new turn in my life: I was asked if I could work for the Tourism industry of Mongolia. By the first contact, I had the opportunity to join a French-Mongolian company to be a guide for travelers in the countryside. What a chance! Despite the other orientation that my Mother and Aunt had for me, I dedicated I would invest my time towards this type of job and career. I will always remember my very first trip with a couple coming from Spain, a very intense first trip with its highs and lows, but that created in the end wonderful memories and great contacts that I still keep today. I knew I found my place within Tourism.
I felt, therefore, more responsible for my own career and path, and this job being very rewarding, I was more and more motivated to make foreigners discover my Mongolia. I absolutely love my job, and it has become my way of life. Traveling with Nature gives me the chance to improve myself. That is also why I do have an interest in studying Eco-Psychology on the side of my job.

Since 2017, I evolved into more adventurous trails, by joining another company, always having this chance to know various people from around the world, keeping my interest in studying human behaviors, and learning for myself in the process. Despite this experience was difficult with many riding trips in harsh conditions, I keep great memories and all the best networking.

Through my contacts, I have been in touch with the club Smile Mongolia, to try meditation, and to meet with incredible and talented people that were really compatible with my vision of life. I am very grateful to have had this chance because they helped me so much to improve myself and develop new skills along the way.
This is how I decided to join Gobi Mountain Lake in 2019, to further explore and help others into this great adventure and discovery of Mongolia, together with trekking, horse riding, and meditation. Thanks to this new form of company that does not exist before in Mongolia, I can definitely project myself into a new great adventure to create, and make both sides - our guests and foreigners, and the Mongolian people happy with the best service definitely to a higher standard than what the country was depicted providing. I will be really happy to welcome you myself for your journey to the land of the blue sky.