Co-founder, Tour Leader, Organiser & Nature lover

Born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital city, I grew up with everything that I need, together with my parents and friends. Since I had entered school, I mainly focused on studying more than playing with my friends. When I graduated from secondary school, the collapse of the Socialist system appeared, and the country slowly transitioned to a Capitalist economy. During that period, I studied Business Administration at the University and parallel to that, I helped my parent's recent own business. During the transition period, I could see new opportunities opening up. When I finally graduated from the University in 2002, I started to work at a governmental agency until 2011.

I was in charge of writing official documents and reports for the State of Mongolia, and I was given the chance to visit many countries such as Japan, India, China, South Korea, and France to organize business meetings, seminars, and international exhibitions. I could see the differences existing between those countries and cultures, and got inspired from that point on.

I then turned Vegetarian in 2009. This gave me the opportunity to meet and integrate the Smile Mongolia club, to travel within Mongolia, and to get trained in tantric meditation. The more I practiced meditation, the more I understood myself and appreciated my life. Likewise, with more chances to travel, I got closer to nature. I do love nature and going to remote places. I now regularly trek and hike up throughout the year. I am proud to say I conquered the Harkhiraa-Turgen mountain summits at 4000m above sea level, one of the highest summits in Mongolia.

I have been living in and traveling through Mongolia for the last 5 years, together with the Smile Mongolia Club members and as well with my foreign tourist groups. I began guiding with another local travel agency throughout Mongolia in early 2016. I am quite familiar with many long distances trekking locations such as the Tuvkhun monastery, the Eight Lakes National park, the Khuvsgul Lake, Tsagaan Suvarga the “White Stupa”, Baga Gazar mountain, or Zorgol Khairkhan mountain, and many more undiscovered destinations by tourism: Ulaagchinii Black Lake, Western Rocky Mountain, Mukhart Dune River, Otgontenger Mountain in Western Gobi, central, northern and southern Mongolia to name a few. So far, I have covered about 3200km trekking around the country. Some of those places have been quite regular for the last 4 years, and I am excited to cover other landscapes later on.

My passion for travel is now shared with Gobi Mountain Lake LLC, since I am Co-founder and a Trekking Tour Leader of the Company. Being an adventure Trekking Tour Leader has also given me the opportunity to meet and connect with fabulous people who are as committed to sustainable travel as I am. Through the Company, I can fulfill this great dream of traveling within my beautiful country and contribute to useful and exciting new projects, to help our communities and respect the environment.

My goal: to drive growth for the destination experts and increase happiness among travelers.