Yoga & Belly Dance Coach

My life started in a busy city, where everyone battled for survival and having a successful life with a greater career. This had been the life that I used to live for quite a long time until I met interesting people members of the Smile Mongolia Club, very active at doing social work and organizing many travels to nature with yoga work-outs and guided meditations.
With them I underwent the biggest changes in my life - I managed to overcome all my fears and unawareness of the wonders of this beautiful life. It made me realize how wonderful it was to feel a part of Nature. I saw our collective tour changing each of us, helping us to develop our personal qualities, making us more open to people. Year by year, nature traveling has become so precious to me. During the journeys, we combined dance and yoga, which gave me an opportunity to be greater awareness of nature and was astonished to realize that nature could bring us closer to our own spirit.  

My first training in Ashtanga yoga was done by my yoga teacher Khosoo, who gave me powerful classes and let me love and follow the yoga path. After three years of active yoga-practicing, we created the first new project in Mongolia, which is called ‘Yoga & Bellydance combined training’. This project gave us a lot of opportunities, for which I am really grateful. My subsequent training was in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, where I found a more delicate sense of breathing technique and meditated yoga flowing practice. After daily practicing, I realized that Yoga was a union of the body, mind, and soul, which transformed me - from physical exercise I moved to the practice of making myself aware of my feelings and emotions. I changed my approach to practice by focusing my thankful mind on feeling every part of my body. 

The first time I saw a belly dancer was at the international cultural students' festival in Moscow, while ongoing a Ph.D. degree in International Relations.  An incredible girl in a glittering red costume was doing a dance to Arabian music - the beautiful technique and the melodies fascinated me. From then on, after almost nine years of practicing, I came to realize how the combination of music and movement could make me feel the freedom of my soul, clemency and beauty of life. I feel as if my body were flowing like pure water, which gives me endless happiness. After dancing I love to stretch my body with yoga Asanas. Now, I see that the combination of movements of yoga and belly dance makes our body more flexible, healthy and responding. 

One of the most enjoyable things in my life is practicing yoga and belly dance out in the open, which helps me to unite with mother nature through music, flowing movements, and breathing techniques. Only there I can feel the powerful energy of nature, its blessing and infinite space that starts filling me. At that moment I can realize how lucky I am, experiencing this and living on this beautiful planet. Yoga with meditation and dance encourages me to enjoy every moment of my life and helps me to express myself without fear, opening me up, giving me an opportunity to share my feelings and experience with others while traveling with Gobi Mountain lake. 

Namaste, with love.